Okay, fuck, maybe here is finally a blog post. I’m still not really getting any of this shit, but I’m starting to piece some things together.

I was truly depressed yesterday. Between the fucking Johnny Depp Amanda Heard trial, the fucking Republicans doing fuck all to stop children from being gunned down in schools, and the whole fucking corporate world just basically being a fucking nightmare, I worked myself into a lot of self-pity and societal loathing. It all feels so damn gross right now. Everything seems to have been corrupted by the powers that be.

And so art, writing, and music. Endeavors that actually can uplift us as a people, and myself as an artist. It’s the only way I can figure to try and bring some sense to the world and create some good without having to step over my fellow human.

I don’t have a lot of faith in us collectively, but I know good people and so I will make art for them.